I have over 10 years of experience in management as an initiator and a leader of academic ventures in the legal forms of foundations and associations, as well as in team management, both on institutional and project levels, in organization restructuring, in setting out and implementing strategic goals of the organization, in initiating and coordinating social economy ventures, and in raising funds from private and public sources. Apart from my legal education and professional training (attorney), I am also a graduate of management programs and courses, such as the one year-long Management and Business Program at the Department of Applied Economics at Jagiellonian University (1998/9) as well as Strategic Management (Strategisches Management) (August 2007) and Fundraising (December 2010) courses organized by the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin.

My experience in management, academic entrepreneurship, and social economy is mostly due to my involvement the in Allerhand Institute and Centrum For a short time in 2007, I was also a director of the Education Department at the Financial Supervision Authority.

I co-founded the Allerhand Institute, and since its formal establishment in 2010, I am Institute’s President and General Council Member. Before that (2006/2007), I was the originator and then (since 2008), initiator of actions leading to the establishment – in the legal form of a foundation – of the Allerhand Institute of Advanced Legal Studies.

Allerhand Institute is an independent non-university research unit within the meaning of Article 9(2)(f)of the Act dated April 30, 2010 on the Rules of Research Financing, as well as a public benefit organization within the meaning of the Act dated April 24, 2003 on Public Benefit and Volunteer Work.

The solemn proclamation of the Institute took place on June 26, 2009 at the Warsaw Stock Exchange, which was noted by national (Rzeczpospolita), regional (Dziennik Polski), and professional (PPH, Palestra, Toga) media. The establishment of the new institution was preceded by an open letter published simultaneously by numerous law journals, such as PPH, MoP, PUG, HUK, PrSp, Palestra, Rejent. I presented the conceptual and program assumptions of the Allerhand Institute in an editorial in the HUK quarterly.

Several years later, in an essay printed by in Gazeta Wyborcza, I gave a personal account of the history and the motives leading to the establishment of the Allerhand Institute.

As President of the Institute’s Management Board, I am responsible for setting out strategic goals of the Institute and for its research policy including conducting research, and conference projects, as well as for key personnel-related decisions, for raising funds, and for the Institute’s finances. The Management Board consists of three members and works collectively.

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I am the initiator and Managing Director of Centrum (full name: European Center for Comparative Commercial and Company Law) established in 2004 — an academic co-operation network gathering lawyers specialized in company and commercial law, mostly from Central and Eastern European countries. Centrum was established in connection with the 2004 enlargement of the European Union to the east. Centrum has the legal form of an association under the Polish law.